There is no nice way to say it - the Yankee offense is utterly dreadful right now. They can't seem to put a rally together. I am disgusted seeing leadoff singles, and then three quick outs - without even advancing the runner. Where is the offense?

I think Joe Girardi is partly to blame. He obviously knows of the offensive slumbers. But why won't he do anything about it? When a Yankee miraculously gets on base, he doesn't advance. Why? Why can't Girardi force the action? Make something happen. Since the Yankees are having an extended power outage, why doesn't he build a run? If a man gets on to start the inning, let him steal. Or hit-and-run. Do something to get these guys to cross the plate. On top of forcing the action, I think Girardi needs to have a team meeting - pronto. I'm tired of seeing the Yankees embarrass themselves. They lost 2 of 3 to the Mets at Citi, lost both games to the Rays at home, and dropped 1 game out of 2 to the Red Sox at home. This has to stop.

I know offense hasn't been the only issue for the Yankees lately, but it is a huge problem. And I know the Yankees are overwhelmed with injuries. But that is not an excuse for the way they have been playing. All teams have injuries. For the Yankees, the players need to step it up. As of now, this has not happened.  I don't like pointing fingers at individuals, but Mark Teixeira is still in a funk. He has been slumping since the season began - actually, since the postseason last year. Tex needs to stop pulling the ball and learn to hit the other way.

I've wondered why the Yankees haven't made a significant change yet. Knowing Brian Cashman, I hope he is out there looking for someone to wake up this offense. I know who I want: Prince Fielder. An in reality, it may not be so far-fetched.

Prince Fielder, the beastly Brewers first baseman, will be a free agent after the 2011 season, and is eligible for arbitration after this season. Most likely, the Brewers will not contend this season. It's early, but still I feel they don't have a chance. Fielder currently makes $11 million. Once eligible for arbitration, his price will skyrocket. I have a feeling the Brewers may not want this heavy load on their payroll - even for a superstar player like Fielder.

This whole situation excites me...I have a feeling Brian Cashman is already after Prince Fielder. His father Cecil played for the Yankees, and was great. Imagine him in Yankee Stadium, with that short-porch in right - just perfect for a lefty power bat like Fielder. And since Tex is at first base, Fielder could be the designated hitter - a perfect replacement for Nick Johnson. Perhaps around the trade dealine Cashman and the Brewers will make the move to sent Prince to the Bronx? The Yankees are probably one of the only teams who could afford Fielder, aside from the Red Sox. But they will want to keep him away from Boston. 

I am just speculating here. Just hoping...dreaming. But who knows what is really going on behind the scenes? Crazier things have happened in baseball. This may actually happen.

by Virginia Califano

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