Yankee backup catcher Francisco Cervelli just happens to be my favorite player. I love his energy, I love his enthusiasm, I love his smile, and I just think he's adorable. In my eyes, Francisco Cervelli can do no wrong. But because of my blatant infatuation with Cervelli, some people think I dislike Posada. When I scan down the Yankee lineup and see Jorge Posada penciled into the catcher's spot, I just can't help but to say things like. "Aww....no Cervelli tonight." Let me set this straight: Just because I take pleasure in staring at Francisco Cervelli doesn't mean that I don't like Posada. So instead of gushing about Francisco Cervelli for the rest of this post, I'm going to prove it to you: I'm going to support Jorge Posada's Hall of Fame case.

When I think of the Hall of Fame, I think of those legendary players, or like Ralph Houk says in the movie 61*, players who are "...bigger than the game." Names such as Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Nolan Ryan, etc. So when I saw players get inducted into the Hall, I used to think, "That's not right. He's not as good as those guys."

Silly me.

Players inducted into the Hall of Fame are the best players of their own era. You can't compare every pitcher to Nolan Ryan, or every hitter to the Babe, because then no one would be inducted! Players should be compared to players of their own era when considering the Hall of Fame. Keeping this in mind, I definitely think Jorge Posada belongs in the Hall.

Who are the other great catchers of this current era? Piazza and Pudge. Mike Piazza and Ivan Rodriguez are most likely going to be Hall of Famers. And Jorge Posada has held his own compared to these two.

-Posada, Piazza, and Rodriguez all have over 1000 RBI. Piazza has 1335 over his 16-year career, Rodriguez has 1295 in his 20 year career, and Posada has 1003 in his 16 year career, which is not over yet.

-They all have Slugging Percentages over .460. Piazza's is .545, Rodriguez's is .468, and Posada's is .479.

Now for the defensive side, which is just as important - especially for catchers.

-Of the three, Jorge Posada has the highest Fielding Percentage, at .992. Rodriguez is right behind him at .991, and Piazza has .989.

-Of the three, Rodriguez has committed the most errors behind the plate with 137, but he does have the longest career of the three. Mike Piazza committed 124 errors in his 15 years as a catcher, 5 less years than Pudge. But Jorge Posada blows them away, having committed just 89 errors in his 16 years of catching.

Since 2000, Jorge Posada has had more home runs than any other catcher, including Pudge and Piazza. Rodriguez has 163, Piazza 187, and Jorge Posada an eye-popping 220. Oh, and he has the most RBI of any catcher over this span, too.

Jorge is a 5-time All-Star and a 5-time Silver Slugger winner. He has 5 World Series rings, while Pudge has just 1, and Piazza has zero. And Jorge Posada did it all in the toughest division in baseball: the AL East. And he did it all in one uniform: Yankee pinstripes.

Okay, Mr. Francisco Cervelli, my love. I dare you: Try and top Mr. Jorge Posada, a future Hall of Famer.

You can't.

by Virginia Califano

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