Who would have thought that the Blue Jays would give the Yankees a hard time? It's a little ridiculous. They lost the first 2 of the 3 games in this series, and did so with horrible offense. And who would have thought: the Yankees have their strong, intimidating lineup now that Granderson and Posada are back. Even so, the offense was pitiful in this series loss.

The loss in game 1 was annoying. It was outright Blue Jays domination in that 6-1 win. But today's game 2 loss was a heartbreaker. Andy Pettitte pitched so well, tossing 7.2 innings of 2-run, 10 strikeout baseball. The members of the Yankee bullpen threw gutsy innings to avoid trouble - all except on of them: Chad Gaudin. I wonder why the Yankees brought him back. Today, he was the only Yankee reliever to surrender a leadoff walk to a Jay. And in that 14th inning, that mistake cost the game.

I know the Yankees thought he would be useful because of the injury to Aceves. Mitre would slide into the 6th or 7th inning spot, and Gaudin would take over as the long man. But isn't it better to, oh I don't know, get somebody who is good? Gaudin was successful last season for the Yanks, but struggled mightily so far in 2010. They may have thought that they would straighten him out again. But when competing in the AL East, behind a team who has yet shown signs of slowing down, can you really afford to "straighten out" a guy? Every game is pivotal. Instead of reacquiring Chad Gaudin, if I were the Yankee GM, I would have searched within to find a solution. I would have brought up Ivan Nova or another highly-thought-of prospect.

Aside from Derek Jeter's clutch 2-run home run in the 5th inning, the Yankees couldn't scratch together any runs in the game 2 defeat. They had plenty of chances, but failed to get the big hit. And in the extra innings, it seemed as though every hitter was trying to hit a home run, instead of trying to just get on base. That led to quick outs. The Blue Jays, the most powerful team so far in 2010, had the same approach - the approach they have had throughout the whole season. They couldn't get the big hit either. That is, until they built a run. After the leadoff walk in the 14th and a sac bunt, the Jays were set up for the victory. Aaron Hill made this a reality with his walkoff single.

They have already lost this series, but the hopefully the Yankees can turn things around and steal a win tomorrow to avoid the sweep. After the finale of the Blue Jays series, the Yanks will head to Baltimore for a 3-game set against te Orioles. That is a team they swept earlier this week, and a team I expect them to sweep again.

by Virginia Califano

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