Throughout the 2010 season, the Yankees have had issues with their catchers. Jorge Posada staggered through the season having posted his lowest batting average since 1999. Francisco Cervelli's bat died in the middle of the season. And both guys struggle mightily at throwing out base runners. I think it is clear that the Yankees need another option behind the plate, since 2010 proved that neither Jorge Posada nor Francisco Cervelli are suitable to wear the tools of ignorance every day.

The Yankees could go out and sign a catcher this offseason. Or, they could do what everyone wants them to, and use their top-prospect: Jesus Montero.

And that's what they might do.

The 20 year old (he'll be 21 later this month) Venezuelan catcher will get a shot to really prove himself in Spring Training. I hope he does well, because I think it's about time this kid gets his feet wet in the Bigs. If Montero wins the job, he will be the everyday catcher, and Jorge Posada will be the DH - probably catching Andy Pettitte (if he decides to come back). Francisco Cervelli will remain the backup. 

I don't understand why it has taken the Yankees so long to actually USE Montero. Why didn't they bring him up at the end of 2010 when the rosters expanded, just so he could get a taste of the Major League before he really has to play in 2011? I mean, what was the worst thing that could have happened?

I wonder if Jesus Montero is going to be as good as everybody says he will be. He tore it up at every Minor League level, but still...there is a huge difference between Triple AAA and the Majors - a difference that, in many t cases, ends dreams.

I like Montero already and I've barely seen him play. He's young enough to have went to school with me. And he's so strong and handsome. I have this fantasy about Jesus Montero being this rookie sensation who carries the weight of his team on his shoulders, and leads the Yankees in their Quest for 28.

And if he can do that, I'll adore him even more.

by Virginia Califano

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