I have had quite some time now to refect on the BBWAA's decision on the AL Cy Young winner, and I cannot say that I feel any better about it. I still think CC Sabathia deserved the award more than Felix Hernandez, and David Price for that matter. It is an insult that he came in just third place with the phenomenal season he had.

Now obviously, Felix Hernandez and David Price are both superb pitchers. They are both the aces of their respective pitching staffs. But I don't think they deserved to come ahead of CC Sabathia. The Cy Young Award is about winning, and that is what CC Sabathia did all year long.

Denton "Cy" Young is the winning-most pitcher in the illustrious history of baseball, and the award was named after him and given to the best pitcher each season. What determines who is the best pitcher in baseball?

I see the Cy Young Award the same way I do the MVP Award: it should be given to the pitcher who proved to be most valuable to his team and the team's season - and I feel that CC Sabathia is that man.

Sabathia finished the season with a league-leading 21 wins with just 7 losses and posted a sparkling 3.18 ERA. He pitched in front of packed crowds under the utmost pressure every time he toed the rubber. CC is obviously the ace for the best franchise in the history of sports, and there was a time in 2010 where he was the Yankees's only reliable starter. He carried the team. CC Sabathia got his team to Game 6 of the ALCS. He is a winner - the best winner in the Bigs in 2010.

Felix Hernandez led the league with a 2.27 ERA, but had just a 13-12 record to go along with that in 2010. That doesn't mean he doesn't know how to win. Unfortunately for him, he is on an awful team with no offensive support whatsoever. People disregard his low win total, and say that King Felix could win 25 games if he was on the Yankees.

I don't believe that.

Felix Hernandez has spent his whole career with the Seattle Mariners, who have not even come close to contenting in his 6 seasons with the club. The AL West is nothing compared to the AL East. I wonder: could Felix Hernandez really pitch in front of the average Yankee Stadium-attendance of around 47,000 fans, where every single pitch means the world, when he has been accustomed to pitching to Seattle's average of 25,000 fans that know they are out of the race and don't create the same intense pressure?

I don't think so.

The point is, I just don't think Felix Hernandez deserved the Cy Young over CC Sabathia. He has a low ERA. That's great. He didn't have a good record. And none of what he did mattered, because his team didn't contend. CC Sabathia had a low ERA, he led the league in wins and did so with the world watching him.

And the fact that David Price came in ahead of CC Sabathia is just ridiculous. CC had a way better record, and their ERAs were pretty close. That's just the BBWAA being biased against the Yankees.

CC Sabathia got screwed two years in a row with this Cy Young voting. It sickens me.

Whatever. CC Sabathia has a World Series ring and Price and Hernandez don't. And I bet once the 2011 season is over, Sabathia will have another one.

by Virginia Califano

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