Coming into this series against the Chicago White Sox, I didn't know what to expect for my Yankees. I had heard everyone say, "Ooh the White Sox have not played well of late, they've lost so much," so I had a feeling they would start playing better.

And sure enough, they did.

Phil Humber pitched the game of his life in the first game, followed by a dominant start by Gavin Floyd. The White Sox had solid pitching and enough clutch offense to come out victorious in the first two games. 

The pitching matchup for game three: Bartolo Colon vs. Mark Buerhle. That made me nervous. I knew Colon had been pretty good in his first few starts, but I didn't really expect him to continue his dominance for long. I missed the beginning of the game, and when I checked in, the Yankees had a 3-0 lead. Bartolo Colon was dealing indeed. He even reached 96 mph on the radar gun.

His final line was 8 innings, 1 run, 7 hits, and 6 strikeouts. Colon was the hero of the Yankees victory, and hopefully put them back on the winning track. 

It looks like Colon is going to have to keep doing what he has been doing.

Phil Hughes and his dead arm really scare me. At first I didn't think much of it - I thought along the same lines that Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothschild thought: that Hughes was unaccustomed to pitching in full swing so early in the year, and that is what caused the fatigue. I thought that he would be okay after a short DL stint. But after I heard about his "serious setback" in Monday's bullpen session, and the variety of tests he had to take throughout the week, my level of worry skyrocketed. Phil Hughes is too young to have this kind of issue. I worry that this is a non-baseball related problem, and that something is wrong with his health. I pray this is not the case.

Clearly, the Yankees have to shut down Phil Hughes for a long time. So Bartolo Colon is that much more important to this team. I never, I repeat I NEVER thought that I would say that.

I was confused when the Yankees signed him. I was aware of how...large he was, and remembered that he did not pitch in 2010. Sure, he was pitching well in the Dominican Winter League, but I didn't think that would translate to success in 2011. 

Hey, I'm the first one to admit when I'm wrong. And Bartolo, I was wrong.

Bartolo, I'm sorry I ever doubted you. So what if you're big. Your excess girth just makes you that much more imposing on the mound. And who cares if you aren't a big-money free agent signing. You don't need to be expensive to be good. Yeah, who cares if you are not Cliff Lee? WHO NEEDS HIM! Especially when they can have YOU for a fraction of the price. 

The Yankees: bargain shoppers with success? Who would have thought...

Keep it up, Bartolo! You're making Yankee fans very proud.

by Virginia Califano

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